Students Who Sing the Praise of Elizabeth Hale Knox

This year, our daughter won first place in the Chicago Chapter National Association of Teachers of Singing (CCNATS)’ High School Division 1 Vocal Competition! At Elizabeth’s suggestion, she also auditioned for the Anima Chorus of Glen Ellyn, and sang a solo with them on WFMT’s Saturday Broadcast of Introductions. Elizabeth is truly an amazing teacher! She explains everything very well and never leaves a question unanswered. Our daughter, Brianna Dulock, has received nothing but compliments from other experienced professionals […] It is impressive how much information Elizabeth can fit into one lesson. Thank you, Elizabeth, for the high quality of your voice lessons, and for giving our daughter this amazing voice.”
— Rose Figuero Dulock, Stone Park, IL

After studying with Elizabeth for a year-and-a-half, my voice became much richer and deeper, along with developing greater focus and clarity. Elizabeth knew how to prepare me for my college auditions, and I was accepted into the vocal program at St. Olaf College.”
— Ngaire Bull, River Grove, IL

When I was in high school, I won a $40,000 scholarship to Illinois Wesleyan University. It could have never happen without the excellent teaching and support of Elizabeth.”
— Jonathan Smith, Oak Park, IL

I feel Elizabeth’s teaching was a major contribution to getting my first professional contract. Elizabeth’s professional musical experience is an asset to her teaching. She knows what is expected in the professional singing world. I have seen her work with all ages and she is very gifted in communicating what can be an extremely ambiguous subject—the singing voice.”
— Lisa Pomeroy, Burr Ridge, IL


Elizabeth Knox is very dedicated to her students, instructing with a level of detail and determination that inspires those she teaches to practice with the same intensity that she offers to them. Her holistic approach to vocal training can benefit voices of all ranges and skill levels, and I have made definite improvement in problem areas I had been unable to make a breakthrough with before. Lessons are never cut-and-dry—each visit something new is addressed and worked on, from learning repertoire and refining technique, to stage presence and lessons on how our bodies produce sound. I’m very thankful to have found her.”
— Celeste Aguirre, Chicago, IL

As an actress and singer, I’ve been trained by many different teachers. I have never learned as much as I have with this committed vocal teacher. Elizabeth has shown me so much technique that has improved my tone and confidence when singing on stage. I have been in programs such as Columbia College and other private instructors, but Elizabeth with her experience and skill set has really broken down areas of singing to truly give me an understanding of why and how to sing effectively. I have not only gained a teacher, motivator, but a friend that inspires me to do the best in my singing.”
— Clarybelle Navarette, Cicero, IL

Elizabeth has taught me techniques to smooth out the break in my voice and create a consistent sound between my chest and head voice, increase my core sound and breath support, and expand my range. She meets her students where they are, then encourages and pushes them to do what they may not have thought possible. I am pleased with how my voice has progressed in the past eighteen months and people have noted a considerable difference in my sound. Elizabeth has also recommended specific auditions for me, and encouraged me to do them.”
— Laura Goetz, Chicago, IL

We are so fortunate to have found Elizabeth Knox. My daughter has been taking voice lessons from her for two years and it’s astonishing to hear her voice grow from untrained and unsteady to trained, confident, and strong. Elizabeth not only teaches technique and artistry, but she also trusts students with the ‘keys to the castle’, teaching the physiology of voice, breathing, posture, and support, and ways to make the most of, and care for, their instrument. Most impressive to me is how she is able to be rigorous in her instruction while being encouraging and kind. Elizabeth connects with students in a way that is truly amazing. She is able to bring the most out of students while staying positive and supportive. My daughter has grown so much as an artist and a person because of her work with Elizabeth. I recommend her highly.”
Lynn Olson, Oak Park, IL

I count my blessings that I found Elizabeth Knox when I was looking for a voice teacher. She is truly fascinated by the process of teaching and learning vocal technique, which is the key factor in making her an outstanding instructor. Elizabeth breaks down technique in more than one way, finding a creative visual or concrete description that the student grasps. If the first suggestion doesn’t work, she tries another approach.

…The progress I have made in one year has exceeded my wildest expectations. Elizabeth is also ecstatic and amazed to see improvement in sound quality, and lets you know when she is pleased. She is never at a loss for new ideas. The exercises she comes up with never cease to amaze me. A subtle change in focus or position of the mouth can produce the result she is looking for. And the miraculous results often come within one half-hour lesson. What can be better than that? If you have a passion and commitment to singing, you will find that mirrored in Elizabeth Knox.”
Samarah Greeves, Chicago, IL

 Elizabeth’s professionalism and kind nature were obvious from our first contact by email. Thank you, Elizabeth: you have made a new synapse in the brain of a youngster!”
Erica Davis-Holder, Berwyn, IL

I first contacted Elizabeth with trepidation. She’s a classically trained vocalist and I am a bass guitarist who simply wanted to sing a few songs with his rock band. But she took me seriously, gave me vocal exercises to improve my control, and within just a few months people were coming up to me to tell me how good I sound! I still have much to learn, but I no longer fear stepping up to the microphone. Elizabeth keeps the lessons interesting. We work on a variety of musical styles and I am always challenged and interested in the material. The exercises are very effective, and seldom does a week go by when I don’t feel like I have made improvements. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Peter Pollack, Oak Lawn, IL

Elizabeth is an excellent music teacher. I have had five vocal teachers and none of them have used the techniques that have been used by Elizabeth. I understand that teachers and their styles vary, but I have learned more in this past year than I have from my five past voice teachers combined.”
— Louis Carver, Oak Park, IL

My teenage son has made great progress and his vocal abilities have improved tremendously as a result of Elizabeth’s work. He has performed in several musicals now and is confident in his ability to sing before an audience. Elizabeth has demonstrated the ability to work successfully with any level of student.”
Eileen Bower, River Forest, IL

I have had many different voice teachers and Elizabeth is without a doubt the best I have ever had. She gets to the point of what I need to work on and is great about giving just the right cues. I have greatly improved my singing because of her teaching and her style is a no-nonsense one which doesn’t allow us to waste valuable lesson time which I appreciate. She starts with the basics and works up from there, not assuming anything. I continue to be very pleased with the quality of instruction and would highly recommend Elizabeth to a beginner or a seasoned professional.”
— Lisa Pearah, Oak Park, IL

Lessons with Elizabeth are vastly superior to the ones I took for a year at a local college.”
— Katherine Portugal, Franklin Park, IL

I learned more from Elizabeth in two lessons than I learned in two years of previous private vocal study.”
— Jerri Ross, LaGrange, IL

I love Elizabeth’s teaching method : she is an amazing teacher. I had the chance to work with her only five months, but I felt that every lesson I gained something new and useful. I have studied singing almost five years now, but there were still so many questions and things I was confused about. The most difficult part for me was breathing. Elizabeth’s explanation about breathing was the best! She doesn’t let you “cheat” – whether it is breathing, pronunciation, or a tense jaw or tongue. I found out about tensions I wasn’t even aware of before. There is still much work to do and always will be, but Elizabeth has definitely helped me a lot on my way to becoming a professional singer. She knows what she wants from you and won’t give up if you don’t succeed right away. At the same time, she is very encouraging. I loved working with her.”
— Katri Kaerma, Austin, TX

My voice has developed a beautiful tone quality and greater flexibility, and I have much better vocal control since I have been studying with Elizabeth. These achievements, along with the performance skills we are now working on, have made me very excited about my training with her.”
— Molly Smith, LaGrange Park, IL

My daughter loves taking voice lessons with Elizabeth, and I feel she has already improved a great deal with her instruction. Elizabeth is a very talented instructor and we really appreciate the quality of her lessons.”
— Joy McDowell, LaGrange Park, IL

I am very excited with the results I am seeing, thanks to Elizabeth’s vocal experience and teaching abilities. A year of voice instruction in college never approached the kind of detail she focuses on. The changes in my singing over the last year and a half are quite evident to me; Elizabeth’s attention to the hows and whys of singing has made all the difference.”
— Judy Thompson, Oak Park, IL

Her insight, creativity, intellectual capacity and sound musical concepts underlie every aspect of her teaching.”
Mike Goode, Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth has great vocal performance training and wonderful teaching and piano skills. Through her excellent communication, nurturing lessons and high expectations of her students, she has given me vocal capability beyond my expectations.”
— David Record, River Forest, IL

We have been amazed and delighted at the progress our daughter has made over the past year. Her voice has really ‘opened up’ with strength and a wider range. Additionally, she has developed sight reading skills and self-confidence. Elizabeth is a true professional with a teaching style that is gentle and encouraging. Most importantly, Grace enjoys her lessons and continues to love singing!”
— Cliff and Evie Kavinsky, Oak Park, IL

Since studying with Elizabeth, my daughter is more committed to vocal training than ever before. Her confidence is up a few notches as well. We appreciate the value Elizabeth brings to her lessons. It is nice to work with a professional who clearly knows her craft and can teach it to young people. We are very glad we have found her!”
— Staci Guido, Hinsdale, IL

My teenage daughter’s voice has become stronger, her vocal range has increased, and she has gained better control over her voice since studying with Elizabeth. She has expanded her repertoire and interests by working on Italian songs, jazz, and musical theater pieces. Elizabeth has succeeded in sparking and creating a deep interest in singing, and Victoria looks forward to returning for lessons week after week.”
— Carol Craig, Oak Park, IL