Be the Best Singer You Can Be


Sing at Your Highest Level with Individual Voice Lessons

Through one-on-one, specifically tailored to your voice lessons, Elizabeth Hale Knox will help you develop, improve and refine your singing. Concentrating on your specific needs, Ms. Knox will focus on technique refinement and how to increase the beauty, range, and power of your voice.

Specifically, Ms. Knox can help you:

  • Redress vocal problems
  • Maximize control and expressiveness of your voice
  • Prepare for auditions, competitions, and productions

Your voice lessons will take place in a nurturing environment.
Along with vocal technique, the lessons may cover any of the following:

  • Sight singing
  • Music theory
  • Diction—English as well as foreign languages
  • Analysis of the vocal text
  • Performance preparation
  • Piano/keyboard skills

In addition to receiving practical feedback every week, you will have the opportunity to tape each session to evaluate your progress and determine what issues to work on before your next class.

Sing like you were meant to!
Schedule an appointment with Elizabeth now, or call 708.214.2531 to discuss your goals.

Thirty-minute classes are the norm, but you can choose to schedule one-hour classes.
Flat Rate: $35 for ½ hour.